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Blue Light Solutions serves the NHS Ambulance Service, Supply Chain and EMS with affordable, high quality Transport Stretchers, Evacuation Patient Transfer Chairs and Resuscitation Equipment.


All our Transport Stretchers, Patient Transfer Chairs and Resuscitation Equipment is manufactured in Europe, via a consortium of state of the art production units working together to innovate and educate in the latest EMS Product technology.


BlueLight Solutions provides the Sales and Marketing support acting as a conduit, allowing our customers direct access to our production partners to enhance product development for our EMS World Wide.


BlueLight Solutions also targets companies providing Ambulance construction via Van conversions.



Why contact Blue Light Solutions?
Blue Light Solutions provide a range of unique benefits …


  • We are an NHS Supply Chain preferred supplier
    Focused on Innovation
  • Broad product base of high quality equipment for the EMS and Ambulance Service
  • Affordability without compromise
  • Reliability both in product and back up service
  • Best European Production offering new materials and manufacturing technologies
  • EMS Products co-ordinated with Hospital Patient Transfer equipment
  • Access to Europe’s best research specialists in EMS equipment and Patient Handling
  • Total Hospital and EMS Solution for Patient transfer and comfort
  • Infection control including transfer of high risk Patients in a controlled environment

Contact Us

020 7100 1741

35 New Broad Street House
New Broad Street
United Kingdom